A Topological Representation Theorem for Tropical Oriented Matroids

In April my paper “A Topological Representation Theorem for Tropical Oriented Matroids” with the main result from my PhD thesis has finally been published by JCTA (Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A) :-).


Das Cover meiner Dissertation!

FPSAC 2012

The slides for my talk at FPSAC 2012 in Nagoya, Japan


Here is my extended abstract.

Tropical Oriented Matroids in 3d

I can now present the mixed subdivisions and tropical pseudohyperplane arrangements from my thesis interactively in 3d.

My Thesis in acrylic paint

Over the last two years a spent a lot of time looking at a certain configuration, a tropical oriented matroid visualized as an arrangement of tropical pseudohyperplanes and its dual mixed subdivision. So I decided to interpret the topic in different way for once…

Tropical Oriented Matroid