New polymake startpage

Today the new polymake startpage went online with a clearer and simpler layout (See here for the old one.) and a set of funny pyramidal icons.

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Remap Keys on the Kensington Presenter

The Kensington Presenter is my favorite tool for presentations and a simple hack makes it even cooler. Besides a laser pointer, a forward and backward button it has this fourth button (the one with the square) that does not seem to do anything useful. In fact, it sends the key code for “b”, which switches of the screen in Skim (and Keynote, I think) but is not entirely useful elsewhere.


In some programs (like Terminal or Maple, in our case) one might want to remap this button to Return.

Since I could not easily find the instructions anywhere, I’ll post them myself.
Here’s what worked for me on Mac OS:

Install the software KeyRemap4MacBook. This already has quite an extensive list of presets. But we are going to define our own.
Once you installed KeyRemap4MacBook (and restarted your computer if necessary), open the preference panel. In the tab “Misc & Uninstall” click on “Open private.xml”. Then replace private.xml by the following code:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


    <name>Kensington Presenter Square Key</name>
    <device_only>DeviceVendor::KENSINGTON, DeviceProduct::PRESENTER</device_only>
    <autogen>__KeyToKey__ KeyCode::B, KeyCode::RETURN</autogen>


You can also download the file here.

Next in the tab “Change Key” click the ReloadXML button. This should add a new item to the list, that you can check if you wish to activate it. It remaps the button with the square to Return.